Health Services Manager
Emma Rubio - (928) 341-6799

Somerton Middle School
Jayme Diaz, C.N.A. - (928) 341-6114  
Veronica Cavazos, C.N.A.

Orange Grove Elementary
Erika Guevara, C.N.A. - (928) 341-6207

Desert Sonora Elementary
Karla Trevino, C.N.A. - (928) 341-6308

Tierra del Sol Elementary
Violeta Estrella, C.N.A. - (928) 341-6418

Encanto Learning Center
Lizeth Carbajal, C.N.A. - (928) 341-6716

Sun Valley Elementary
Nataly Manzo

Bravie T. Soto Elementary
Ruby Carbajal



Immunizations Reminder to all 5th Grade Students All students 11 years or

older must get the Tdap and MCV4 before school ends. Bring back

documentation for the nurse. This information will be used to update records

before sending them to middle school at the end of the year. Students who

are not yet 11 years old can turn in their immunization at the beginning of 6th


Uniforms Parents, please donate old uniforms when you clean out winter

clothing from your closets. Students are loaned clothes from the nurse's


Parents and Students, Please remember to return all loaned clothing back to

the Health Office!

Hearing and Vision Parents and Students who have received Hearing and

Vision Referrals, please remember to return them to the Health Office with

results from your doctor.

Medication Notice According to A.R.S 32-1901, school nurses can not

administer medications without a prescription from a U.S. doctor. Without a

prescription, you will have to administer the medication to your child. If you

have any questions, please contact Emma Rubio at 928-341-6799

Parents and Students, Please remember to return all loaned clothing back to the Health Office!


Student needs to have a Current Health Questionnaire form on file in the Nurses Office each year that provides the Nurse with home and work phone numbers for parents, 2-3 emergency contacts who can pick up your child if you can’t be reached. Also a list of current or chronic health problems, and treatments listed if needed, along with marking whether your child can have Tylenol and or Pepto Bismol. The form needs to be signed at the bottom where it says Parent Signature in order for the Nurses to provide basic first aid care. The parent signature is also needed indicating that we have your permission to contact 911 if your child has a true emergency and needs to be transported to YRMC via ambulance. We request a new form with updated information at the beginning of each year.

Update your phone numbers with the Secretaries when they change, so that the Nursing Staff can reach you easily if your child needs to be picked up from the Nursing Office, or there is an emergency. Also please let us know when something has changed medically with your child, and bring us any medical documentation that you receive at the Dr.’s office, or Emergency Department, for any illnesses or injuries that your child has had. Please be aware that even if you report the information to the Secretaries, the Nurses still need to be notified by you, as that information isn’t always passed on

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