Curriculum Review and Adoption

The district’s goal is to provide the most up-to-date, research-based, and appropriate materials for children. Teams composed of people with teaching and subject-matter expertise help meet this goal. It is also important to have diverse perspectives and experiences represented. In addition to having teachers and administrators on our committees, parents and community members are included.

Determining which curriculum will be taught to our students includes an adoption process whereby:

  • An adoption committee consisting of a diverse group of parents, community members, administrators and teachers with subject matter expertise is formed

  • Standards are reviewed by the adoption committee

  • Screening criteria are created by the adoption committee

  • Curriculum materials are reviewed by the adoption committee

  • A recommendation for curriculum materials is made by the adoption committee

  • A public review of the adoption committee's recommendation is conducted

  • The Instructional Materials Committee reviews the materials recommended by the adoption committee and makes a recommendation to the Board

  • The Somerton Elementary School District Board takes action on the recommendation

The adoption process is on a timeline. Curriculum by subject-area is reviewed every 8-10 years. Updates from the curriculum adoption committees are below.

Instructional Material Adoption Process