2023-2024 Dress Code

Update for student Dresscode, hoodies must be solid colors, no image larger than a quarter present.

Información actualizada

Código de vestimenta: suertes con gorro

Los estudiantes podrán utilizar suéteres de colores sólidos con logos pequeños (aproximadamente del tamaño de una moneda de 25 centavos).

El gorro del suéter solo se podrá utilizar durante el tiempo de frío o cuando las inclemencias del tiempo lo ameriten.

El gorro del suéter no puede usarse dentro del interior escolar (salón de clases, oficina, biblioteca, cafetería, gimnasio, etc).

Dress Code Continued
❖ In the interest of student safety, shoes must be worn at all times. Bare feet are never acceptable. Flip-flops, sandals, Crocs, high heels, and/or slippers are not allowed.
❖ Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others. Facial and body-piercing jewelry, other than normal size earrings, is prohibited. No spiked jewelry or belts are allowed.
❖ No bandannas of any color, size, or shape may be carried or displayed in any classroom or at any school activity. This also includes simulations of anything representing "colors" or other gang related apparel.
❖ No head coverings are allowed on campus.
❖ Torn/ripped jeans of any color are prohibited.
❖ Students may wear hoods and gloves outdoors only in cold weather. However, these garments may not be worn inside the building or during warm weather. Jacket hoods must not be worn in the classroom.
❖ Tattoos, hickies, and writing on skin are not acceptable.