Surplus Sale

Somerton School District #11 is offering surplus equipment for sale

at prices listed at, in accordance with

Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R7-2-11131.

First come, first served, until sold.

Sale starts May 21

General Information:

  • All equipment is sold “as is.” The District withholds all implied or expressed warranties. Buyers or agents are responsible for inspecting the condition of the property prior to purchase. The buyer or agent agrees to hold harmless and defend SSD from and against all claims arising from the use of the equipment/materials listed.
  • Property must be removed from District’s premises within 5 days after purchase. The District shall not make any arrangements for removal of property for buyers.
  • All sales are final – no refunds.
  • The District reserves the right to withdraw from sale any item(s) advertised for sale at any time prior to the date of the sale. The District may not donate property to individuals or organizations.
  • For additional information or an inspection appointment, contact Jerry Cabrera, or 928.341.6000.

Payment: Purchase orders will be accepted from Arizona school districts, cities, counties or other local government entities. A certified check or cashier’s check will be accepted from all other entities and from the general public. Purchased items shall not be released until proper payment as described has been received.

Employee Purchases: Per A.A.C. R-2-1131(C)(5), an employee of the school district or a governing board member shall not directly or indirectly purchase or agree with another person to purchase surplus property if said employee or board member is, or has been, directly or indirectly involved in the purchase, disposal, maintenance or preparation for sale of the surplus material.

Items: Bus, vehicle, lighting equipment, chairs, desks, HVAC units, kitchen equipment, restroom urinals, copiers (no hard drive), filing cabinets, computers (no hard drive).

Milk Cooler model # TMC – 58 — $100 each (2)

70 TVs $3.00 each


1993 F250 $200




EPCO Upright Electric Warmer w/ Rack-$150


22-Sport Light INC High Bay Fixture MD0505UNIVO Voltage 120v-277v $5 each


22-HOLO Phane High Bay Fixture MD/MBADOLMH27QDE Lamp Line Voltage 277 $5 each


15-General Electric High bay Fixture MD/GLB4DM4A4AB  Line Voltage 277-$5 each