Brownfields Revitalization Project

ADEQ recognizes the impact an abandoned or underutilized property can have on a community, particularly when known or perceived environmental contamination may be complicating reuse of the property. Communities often struggle to find new uses for these Brownfields, whether as a neighborhood park or as a new commercial or retail use, unless and until the environmental issues are resolved.

These properties are often abandoned, with owners no longer maintaining the property or paying taxes. Abandoned properties can quickly become blights to the community and may attract vandalism and illegal dumping. These properties degrade the environment, depress communities and potentially put health at risk.

What would be the advantage of a Brownfields Revitalization Project in your community?

Brownfields redevelopment benefits the community by reducing environmental hazards, creating new business opportunities, increasing tax revenue, and restoring blighted areas to productive use. Brownfields may be located near potential markets and labor, and their redevelopment may be less expensive than developing previously undeveloped land because roads and infrastructure are already in place.

Somerton School District has received a Brownsfields Revitalization Project Approval to removal hazards from our old technology and storage building to revitalize it for classroom and office use. Thanks to ADEQ we can now access 10,000 feet of space for our growing community and students.

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Jennie E. Curé, Brownfields Coordinator
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
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