SMART Board: Place Value Stop, Think, Click


This is a fun game for students to review their understanding of place value.

Student will touch the box with the revolving pictures of possible questions. She will then touch the answer she thinks is correct. If correct she will get a check. If incorrect she will get a X.

Here’s the lesson plan, click here.


SMART Board’s Notebook: Adding Hot Spots in a Lesson


Coming Soon….

Balloon Popping Activity

SMART Board – Using Lesson Activity Toolkit



This post will show you how to quickly access, edit and create interactive lessons by using SMART Board’s Lesson Activity Toolkit in the Notebook software.

What is Lesson Activity Toolkit?

The Lesson Activity Toolkit is a gallery collection of customizable tools and templates, which you can use to create professional-look, interactive and engaging lessons. For instance, this toolkit gives teachers opportunities to type in your own questions and pictures in to the templates. There are word matches, category sorts, etc that can be used to create a lesson.

Getting Started with Lesson Activity Toolkit

If you are a new user, the chances are the you may not have it the Lesson Activity Toolkit downloaded on your computer.

Follow these steps to download the Lesson Activity Toolkit on to your system:     (more…)

Eraser Icon

SMART Board – A Few Cool Tricks in Notebook!


Now that you know basic buttons. I will introduce you to a few cool tricks in the SMART Board’s Notebook.

How to erase fast?

Put a circle around any SMART Board pen marks or hand written notes on the SMART Board with the eraser , then click in the middle. All the pen marks will disappear.

How to make words disappear?

Select Magic Pen Icon (a pen icon with stars around it)  from the top menu bar, and write with a SMART Board pen on the text. The ink will disappear after a few seconds. This is particularly useful when you do not want the answers, text or drawing to be there on the board for a long time. It can act as a great reminder tool for the students.  (more…)

Changing rotation and placement of the object

SMART Board’s Notebook – Using Basic Buttons


To create lesson plans, the Notebook is the application you can use with the SMART Board. To explain it in simple, SMART Board’s Notebook is a cross between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. To open the software, tap the Notebook icon on your desktop (on PC) or in applications (on Mac).

NOTE: The location of the icons/buttons in the Notebook software are different on PCs and on Macs.

Notebook Icon

Now you can create lessons on your computer or by connecting the SMART Board. This post will show you how to create lesson by using SMART Board, which will allow you to learn the purpose of different tools in the Notebook.

Using SMART Recorder in Notebook

You can use SMART Recorder to record all the activities that you perform on the Notebook software to create a lesson.  (more…)

Draw on SMART Board

SMART Board – How to Use it for Basic Teaching Purposes?


This post will show you how to get use SMART Board to teach in your classroom. SMART Board is an integral part of today’s classroom teaching. SMART Board can help you teach Science, Social Students, Grammar, Math, Art, etc. It is designed to excite the students. (It starts right from when you orient the SMART Board!!)

You can use it to prepare students for text, use worksheets and visuals. You can do kinetic learning (self-directed learning involving motion). The students can click and drag things over. They can write out their answers on the worksheets. The ELL learners can draw to learn new vocabulary.

So lets get started:

Orientation: Before using the SMART Board (after your have plugged all the cords), you will need to do orientation. This aligns the SMART Board with the screen on your computer. Remember, if at any point of time you have to move the projector, you WILL have to re-orient the SMART Board again!   (more…)

SMART Board Software

SMART Board: Basic Software


Once you have all SMART Board hardware tools, you’ll need basic software to get started.

Click here to go to the list of software. There are different types of software available to download.

How to find a SMART Board software you will need?

If you are using SMART Board for the first time, try the basic software called SMART Notebook 10.8 software for Mac (there are different versions for PC users), which will help create, teach and manage interactive lessons within a single software. You’ll have to choose a version based on the type of computer you are using. There is an evaluation time available if you are downloading it for the first time on your computer.

Please remember that you will need a license number (or serial number) to continue using the software, after the evaluation / trial version’s time limit has finished.

The SMART Board’s Notebook software will allow you to save, print, and e-mail the presentation to others or to keep it as a record in the SMART Notebook. Presentations can be saved in the SMART Board format (Notebook), or as PDF, JPEG, or HTML formats.

As you adapt to the SMART Board, you can explore other softwares like interactive response system allowing you to keep track of the students’ understanding, math tool to effectively teach math, SMART document camera to avoid scanning of papers, SMART bridgit software to use SMART Board to communicate with others over distance, etc.

To get started, just follow these steps:

(NOTE: SMART Board is a big software and you will need a fast internet connection to install it)  (more…)


SMART Board: Basic Hardware


SMART Board is one of the innovative tools a teacher can have. I have used it several times in my classroom with the students with special needs. It can also be integrated in the regular education settings as well. This post will show you how to adequately prepare yourself to use a SMART Board in your classroom.

Is SMART Board difficult to set up in the classroom?

SMART board is easy to use. It is basically plug-n-play! It just consists of SMART Board itself. It’s got a USB cord that just plugs into your computer. Once that SMART software is installed on your computer/laptop, then all you have to do is plug it in and start SMART Board tools. That’s it!

Here are a few things that you’ll need in order to get started:


SMART Board: SMART Boards are whiteboards with additional features. There are different types of SMART Boards, but they all have similar functionality. One of the great feature of a SMART Board is the “touch.” The “touch” feature is used to increase interaction. It can be used to build social skills among students (especially the students with Autism).  


Projector: The quality of does matter depending on your usage. If you are planning to use SMART board a lot, then getting a better quality projector would help it last long and have less issues like dust in the air filters and bulbs going out on you.   (more…)

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